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With Taskomat you can easily invoice and automatically bill work units as work progresses. See in detail:




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Easily create invoices for each customer

With Taskomat™ you can issue invoices for your clients and associate them to specific projects to make precise analyses. Taskomat™ also allows you to download the PDF, to customize the invoice with your and your client's logo, to send the invoice directly to the client, to send reminders for late payments. In addition, you can configure your tax profile, and manage tax rates.



Automatic work unit invoicing

When you issue an invoice you can decide whether to add generic cost items, non-taxable cost items or directly invoice the work units you have worked on. When you want to invoice a work unit, Taskomat™ automatically suggests the billable value on the basis of the budget that you have already supplied through your work. You can still decide to invoice another value, Taskomat™ will track the invoiced amount in the progress bar of the budget analysis.



taskomat demo banner