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Terms & Conditions

Taskomat Srl provides the services relative to the use of the web-based Taskomat application (the "Taskomat Services”), which are accessible at the website address (the “Website") with registered office at Via Adige, 28 – 61010, Tavullia (PU), Italy – VAT number 02614760417 (the "Company”).

The following Terms and Conditions of Use - together with the Privacy Policy (collectively referred to as the "Agreement”) – regulate the access to and use of the Taskomat Services.

The Agreement expressly refers to and applies to individuals who, by registering, are granted an account to access the Website (the “Users”).

The Agreement is deemed to be fully acknowledged and accepted upon Registration. By filling out the Registration, you are entering into an Agreement. Adherence to the Agreement is equivalent to reading, understanding, accepting, and signing a contract with the Company and all obligations arising therefrom.

Any User who is unwilling or unable to accept or comply with the Agreement or any part thereof and, in particular, the Taskomat Services in compliance with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use below shall refrain from accessing and using the Taskomat Services.


1. Purpose of the contract

The Agreement includes (i) these Terms and Conditions of Use and (ii) the privacy policy referred to below as the Privacy Policy.

The purpose of this contract is to regulate the access and use of Taskomat Services.


2. Access and use

2.1. Access

Access to the Taskomat Services is reserved to the Users.

To create an account, you must either be (i) 18 years of age; or (ii) 13 years of age or older and provide parental consent.

The User creates an account by (i) connecting to the Registration form using the link contained in the Website, (ii) inserting the name, surname, e-mail address and password (iii) accessing the Website and entering the address, VAT number and - only if different than the name and surname - the Company's name ("Registration Data”).

By inserting and confirming all Registration Data, the User can access the Taskomat Services (“Registration”).

The Company uses the Registration Data only and exclusively to provide the Taskomat Services as specified in the Privacy Policy.

The User provides Registration Data corresponding to reality and keeps any relevant information up to date.

The User has access to his or her account, can control the settings and use the Taskomat Services.


2.2. Use

The User and, generally, any other form of use of the Taskomat Services is reserved to Users.

The User can use  the Taskomat Services free of charge to manage a maximum of three customers (the “Free Account”).

The User accepts to pay the fees described in paragraph 3.1 to obtain the right to use the Taskomat Services without limitation (“Unlimited Account") or for 3 calendar months ("Unlimited Account Trial”).

The User has the right to subscribe to the Unlimited Account at any time. The User has the right to subscribe to the Unlimited Account Trial no later than 24 hours after Registration.

The User who exercises one of the rights deriving from this Agreement, which results in the Unlimited Account termination, shall return to the Free Account.

The Company grants Users (i) a license to use the Taskomat Services free of charge with respect to and limited to the use of the Free Account and (ii) a license to use the Taskomat Services for a fee with respect to the use of the Unlimited Account and the Trial Unlimited Account.

The License granted to use the Taskomat Services is intended to be limited, non-exclusive, personal, non-commercial and revocable. The User shall not transfer, assign, sub-license or otherwise redistribute the License. The User uses the Taskomat Services for personal or professional, non-commercial use only (the "License").

It is understood that the User receives from the Company only the right deriving from the License in question. The Takoma Services are reserved and remain the property of the Company, including any resulting intellectual property rights. The Company does not assign, and the User does not receive any title, right, or interest other than or in addition to the Licence.


2.3. Incorrect use

The User is also required to use the Taskomat Services in observance of any applicable law and, specifically, by way of example and not limited thereto, to comply with any rule of criminal law, in matters of competition, trademark and intellectual property, privacy, any other individual, subjective or third party right and, more in general, any other related and pertinent regulation.

The User must also abstain from any act aimed at manipulating, overloading and in any case, in general, otherwise likely to interfere with the operations, with the technical support structures or to jeopardise the general and correct functioning of the platform or of the Website such as, by way of example but not limited to, the use of software, viruses, robots, scripts or databases connected to the platform or the Website, blocking, overwriting, modifying, replicating data and/or other contents for improper use of the platform, the Website or, more in general, the Taskomat Services.

The Company reserves the right to (i) suspend or, in severe cases, (ii) revoke access to individual content or (iii) delete content at any time if the Company has reason to believe or suspect that any conduct constitutes a violation of these Terms and Conditions of Use, the Agreement, applicable law or the rights of third parties or any other right or interest to be protected.


3. Rates and payment

3.1. Rates

The Taskomat Services are provided for a fee except for the Free Account.

The User may use the Unlimited Account by paying the Company a periodic monthly fee or an annual fee.

Taskomat SRL reserves the right to publish special discounted offers for its free registered users.


3.2. Payment

The User authorises the Company to automatically and periodically charge the Subscription fee ("Payment”).

Payment is in advance of the period of use.

Payment for the Unlimited Account is paid after 14 calendar days from the date of Subscription to the Unlimited Account.

Payment is made by credit card. The transaction is handled by "Stripe, Inc.". Takoma disclaims all liability arising from the handling of the Payment.

Payment is made periodically, from month to month or from year to year with tacit renewal unless:

  1. The User withdraws from the Subscription through the “Cancel Subscription” feature. The User remains the owner of the Free Account and retains the ability to access the platform;
  2. The User's withdraws from the Agreement resulting from the cancellation of the account through the "Delete your account” feature. The User deletes his or her account and losses access to the platform;
  3. Revocation of Payment or lack of user funds.


The User may exercise the withdrawal at any time and without notice. The Withdrawal has immediate effect and does not give the right to the repayment of any remaining amount for which the User has already made the Payment.


4. Term

The License has an indefinite term.

The User has the right to unilaterally terminate this Agreement by deleting his/her account using the “Delete Your Account” feature and/or from the Subscription entered into using the “Cancel Subscription” feature (“Termination”).

The User may exercise his or her right of withdrawal at any time by deleting his or her account, thus all User data. 

The Company reserves the right to suspend and/or revoke the Licence in the cases provided for under 2.2.



5. Changes and ius variandi

The Company reserves the right to amend, supplement or redraft these conditions at any time and without stating specific reasons.

The Company will notify the User within 30 days of the change (“Notice of Change”). The changes will be considered accepted 30 days after receipt of the Notice of Change without the User having objected to its contents.



6. Applicable law and jurisdiction

This contract and any obligation, contractual or non-contractual, arising out of it shall be governed by and construed under Italy's laws.

The Court of Pescara will have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising or related to this contract. 


Date of last update: March 12, 2021