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To take your first steps in ROI management. Taskomat™ costs 0€ forever for a use up to 3 clients.


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For professionals who want to thrive. Get the full experience for 8.90€/month (10€/month with monthly billing)


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For studios, agencies and service SMEs. Contact us and let's together create the perfect Taskomat™ plan for your team.


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Revenue goals
Project management
Task management
Smart time tracking
Performance tracking
Hourly rates management
Mass scheduling
Single task scheduling
Workflow automation
Quotes creation
Invoices creation
Clients management
Max 3 clients
Live chat assistance
Timesheet creation


Team & collaboration
Max 1 team
Integration Google Calendar
Integration Google Docs
Customizable templates for quotes and invoices
Clients area
App mobile

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How can I use Taskomat™?

Taskomat™ is a software entirely built on the cloud: you won't have to download anything, just create an account and login. You can use Taskomat™ for free forever if you don't exceed the threshold of 3 clients. If you want to upgrade to the UNLIMITED account, you can do it directly within the platform.



How can I subscribe to Taskomat™?

You can register for Taskomat™ completely free of charge. Whether you want to register with a FREE account or you want to buy an UNLIMITED account, the registration is always free and without credit card. By clicking on any of the "Get Started Free" buttons, you will be directed to the registration page, where you can create a free account, without any subscription. You can then purchase a UNLIMITED account within the platform.



How much does an UNLIMITED account cost?

You can use Taskomat™ completely free of charge if you don't exceed the 3 client threshold. The UNLIMITED account gives you access to all the features of Taskomat™ and entitles you to a complete experience. You can buy the UNLIMITED account choosing between two options: monthly billing subscription (10€ per month + VAT), or annual billing subscription (107€ per year + VAT). The subscription renews automatically when it expires and you can return to the free account at any time.



How secure is Taskomat™?

Taskomat™ relies on professional cloud solutions with redundant storage. All traffic is managed with SSL connection and 256bit encryption. External access to our servers is limited through firewall and VPN and all public services are masked through cloudflare. User authentication is done through key pair with asymmetric RS256 algorithm. We perform hourly and daily backups.



Can I delete my account?

Taskomat™ is fully compliant with the latest data management regulations: you can delete your account at any time.



How will Taskomat™ evolve?

We have a lot of features and improvements in the pipeline, including even deeper automation, integrations with other platforms, team creation and management, customer area and much more. If you'd like to learn more contact us using the chat, or book a totally free Demo call.