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Upcoming features


We are working every day to take the experience of using Taskomat™ to a higher and higher level. At this stage, our efforts are focused on aspects that will complement the platform on several levels and greatly enhance the overall Taskomat™ experience:



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Creation and management of independent teams

Soon on Taskomat™ it will be possible to create teams of professionals and manage projects in collaborative mode. If today Taskomat™ is an individual tool, it will soon be a collaborative platform where it will be possible to create work teams, participate in teams created by other users and manage projects in collaboration with others. Every professional who subscribes to Taskomat™ will be able to create different teams, add other professionals and decide their level of authorization, assign work units to other users and monitor their performance, negotiate the hourly rate of collaborators and correctly track the budget for each resource on collaborative projects.



Integration with Google Calendar

Scheduling is a very important aspect of Taskomat™, but in order for it to be truly impactful, it's critical that it's integrated with the calendars we use most. That's why, after completing the team creation and management part, the feature we'll be investing our energies in is the integration of the Taskomat™ planner with Google Calendar. The integration will work as a perfect mirroring between the two platforms: a "Taskomat" instance will be automatically created on your Google Calendar, where all the tasks created on Taskomat™ will be reported. Similarly, everything you create on Google Calendar will be mirrored on Taskomat™.



Integration with Google Drive

Another very interesting integration we'll be working on is the one with Google Drive. Thanks to this integration, Google Drive will automatically create a folder for each project you create on Taskomat™. In this folder you will be able to put all the files and documents related to the project and share them with your collaborators, directly from Taskomat™. 



Clients area

Thanks to the Client Area of Taskomat™, each user will be able to create a user account for each of his clients. In this area, clients will be able to control the planning of activities and the progress of projects, they will be able to accept or refuse quotes, they will be able to pay invoices directly, they will be able to open support tickets that can be converted into tasks.  



Customizable templates

A minor feature that we will release soon is the possibility to customize the template of the documents issued with Taskomat™. Currently, both the quote and the invoice have the same template and it is not possible to change or customize it (except for adding your own logo and the client's logo). Very soon we will release new selectable templates, and in the future we will release a tool that will allow you to customize the layout in a deeper way (fonts, spaces, margins, etc.).



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