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Taskomat Product Update

All the news for the release v1.16.0


New features

Recurring tasks

After many requests, we have decided to release the new recurring Tasks creation feature as quickly as possible. This first version allows you to create Tasks that are repeated weekly, for a defined number of weeks, starting from a specific date.

If you have weekly time slots, now you can create this recurrence for the whole period with just a few clicks.


Task aggregate data

In the detail of each Work Unit, into the "Task Management" panel we added some aggregated data related to time management of the Tasks present in each status of the Work Unit.


Project Description

From today it is possible to insert a description in each project. We have decided to release a minimal version of this feature, in the next version it will be possible to manage the basic formatting of the description. We took the opportunity to add some keyboard shortcuts and the character counter.


Bug fix and improvements

  • Keyboard shortcuts
    • content of the Task, Work Unit or Project description, the text field is sensitive to shortcuts:
      • Ctrl + Enter (Save)
      • Esc (Cancel)
    • creation of single Task, Work Unit, Project, Client sensitive to shortcut
      • Enter (Confirm)
    • creation of multiple Tasks
      • Enter (Add Task)
      • Ctrl + Enter (Confirm)
  • Field description Task, Work Unit and Project sensitive to consecutive headings
  • Task panel server error handling
  • Fix broken UI for long strings in Task name
    • Weekly Planner
    • Task list
    • Workflow


Teasing next releases

Participate in the evolution of Taskomat: follow the public roadmap, you can check the feature proposals, vote which new feature seems most useful to you, report malfunctions and request new features. Top rated features are always those that take development precedence.

Stay tuned!


All the best,