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Taskomat Product Update

11 March 2023
All the news of the v1.19.0 release: New and updated web infrastructure, streamlined client, data export, sortable to do lists, and much more! ...

Taskomat Product Update

24 April 2022
All the news for the release v1.18.0: "under the hood" works ...

Taskomat Product Update

20 December 2021
All the news of the v1.17.0 release: new onboarding process, project archive and customer archive, massive elimination of recurring tasks, affiliate user management panel. ...

Taskomat Product Update

10 October 2021
All the news of the v1.16.0 release, recurring tasks, project descriptions, aggregated data of the tasks and much more ...

ROI management: what is it and why is it so important?

17 September 2020
As the term itself says, ROI management means "management of ROI," or -going even more specific- "management of return on investment." ...

The best productivity software

2 July 2019
Taskomat™ is the only software platform that has brought the big issues of business management control to a much smaller size ...

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