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Taskomat Product Update

All the news for the release v1.18.0


For several months we have been worked "under the hood" of Taskomat to bring to light Taskomat v2 which will enable our users to manage work teams, network professionals, share projects and much more.

To achieve this goal most implementations are opaque for the end user.

In this and in the next updates there will be few changes only that will be visible on the platform: all the changes are in preparation for a real quantum leap.


New Features

In this update what you can see is the addition of alphabetic support in the user configuration to support characters in:

  • Cyrillic
  • Greek
  • Chinese
  • Japanese

In order to satisfy that part of foreign users who lacked the linguistic support, now they are able to use the documents generated in PDF.


Bug fixes and improvements

We have improved the operation of import and export of XML invoices for italian market and fixed some reported bugs, a complete list is available on the changelog page.


That's all for now, as claimed above: we are working on a new version of Taskomat which will see the light in the coming months.

Stay tuned!

At the next update,



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Taskomat Product Update

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