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Taskomat Product Update

All the news for the release v1.19.8

We are excited to announce the latest update to Taskomat, version 1.19.8, designed to significantly enhance operational flexibility. This update represents a leap forward towards a future where the work management process is smoother, more intuitive, and more focused on providing you with everything you need to help you achieve your strategic goals.


What's new in v1.19.8

Enhanced Task Valuation

The update introduces the possibility of more elastic management of task valuation, in terms of absolute value, hourly rate management, planning, and deadlines.

Tasks inherit these fundamental parameters from the work unit they belong to. From now on, you can manage these characteristics uniquely for each individual task.

You can now directly manage the planning date, deadline, hourly rate, and the method of calculating the task's value directly in the task detail view.

task value override

The calculation of the task value can be set by referencing estimated time, worked time, or by entering a custom value.

task value based on



Default Task Valuation Mode

The default calculation mode of a task depends on the type of work unit it belongs to.

By default, work units categorized as "time cap" and "hourly rate" value tasks based on worked time, while "budget" type work units value tasks based on estimated time.

This default behavior can be modified in the work unit details at the top of the "Task Management" panel.
Changing the task valuation mode of a work unit updates all uncompleted tasks within the work unit to inherit the valuation mode from the work unit, except for those tasks where the valuation had been previously changed on an individual task basis.

work unit commodities



New Performance System

The performance metrics that link budget and time provide more detailed information. They show estimated values, delivered values, and the balance or gap from goals for each fundamental value necessary for achieving objectives and for the profitability of the work.

new performance 


Planner KPI

The new KPI system of the planner, featuring a collapsible side panel, displays how planning and actual work affect the fundamental values of your business.

You now have all the necessary data to predict how your planning affects the estimated budget day by day, to manage the progress of your workdays and how they impact the current week and month, and, importantly, to conduct detailed retrospective analyses compared to previous periods directly on the planner.

planner kpi


Estimated Budget

In the budget charts, you can now at a glance see the estimated budget based on task planning and how it may differ from the budget delivered through work.

estimated budget





  • showing completion date into work unit detail completed tasks list
  • showing planning date into work unit detail planned tasks list
  • toggle archived client into new invoice and new quote modal forms
  • a task can be started without being planned
  • a task can be completed without being planned
  • better hourly rate, avg hourly rate, real hourly rate and gap
  • better link/move action behaviour
  • better notify panel behaviour
  • better project detail UI
  • better client detail UI
  • better performance UI
  • better UI colors
  • better turnover goal calculation excluding expenses
  • added estimated budget over executed into budget charts


  • broken quotes export
  • erroneous expired quotes notification on quote drafts
  • broken recurring tasks parent work unit data inheritance on creation
  • null client label
  • failing project and work unit aggregated data update on task completion
  • prevent multiple task timer requests into work unit detail
  • google translate causing js exception
  • task timer on document title glitch

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